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Bike Sharing

The Bike Sharing service consists in an automatic system for the distribution of the public bikes, composed by a network of bike sheds where the bikes can be picked up and returned.

The user get access to the service by an electronic card and an identification code recognised in real time in order to verify operations of picking up and returning of the bike and to be potentially disabled in case of incorrect use.

The localization of the bike sheds is based on criteria of distribution and it is functional to the main mobility generators (parking, public offices, universities, train stations, bus stations, hospitals, historical and/or cultural sites, etc.).

The bike has characteristics of resilience and provided with stirrups/hooks fixed on the bike frame for anchoring it to the distribution system against vandalism and theft.
Each station is equipped with ten bikes with the possibility to store fourteen of them (bike-parking) in order to guarantee the storage of bikes coming from other stations.

During the starting phase, the service is composed by twenty-five stations for a total of 250 bicycles, fifty of which are electric pedal assisted cycles.
The rates/tariffs include an annual, monthly, weekly and daily subscription. The first thirty minutes of use are free, the second thirty minutes costs 0,50€ ; the second hour costs 1,50 €;  from the third hour onwards, the tariff is €2,00/h.

The service revenues are going to the Service Provider (Bicincittà S.r.l) in order to cover expenses related to the management of the same service. In any case, Padova has no proceeds from such service, rather it had to concede (as foreseen in the public tender) public spaces for advertising, as well as the use of public land, for covering service costs.